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I just love books. I don't give two monkeys. My reviews are always my subjective and honest opinion. Nothing more and nothing less. Books Books and more Books. Yes another book blogger. Who is literally waiting for your amazing books so I can be immersed in the world you've created. Insights on the upcoming novel series titled the Book of Grage : War of Gods and updates on my daily writtings. Original review post E. Like this: Like Loading What Rebecca's Read. Double Stacked Shelves Battling the bulge on my bookshelves.

The Midnight Review Come and get lost in an unknown world with me. K T Robson Reviews and random ramblings Katys Writing Coffee Shop Drop in and share ideas. This all happened in an area with a lot of foot traffic as it was right next to the Brooklyn botanical gardens. Within a few minutes I was drenched in sweat, covered in dirt and twigs from the bushes were in my hair, and I was moving in slow motion following a chicken who was calmly but skillfully evading capture by repeatedly making figure eights around the bushes.

Passersby stopped and stared at what must have been a very funny sight, groups of people made jokes and some people started to take out their phones to film the dramedy of the situation noticing a very unamused look from me, they put the phones away, thankfully. I knew that I had to pick one moment to strike, and only one moment. One has to be very careful when attempting to catch a bird, as if you grab them improperly, there are many ways in which you could break bones in their wings.

After 90 minutes, that moment came, and I was able to catch her and hold her in bear hug, her wings safely tucked in. Nearly crying with exhaustion and a primal feeling of victory, I placed her in the box and carried her to my car. I brought her home, set her up on the balcony in a large cage covered in towels, and provided her with water and a homemade chicken feed mix lucky for Henrietta my mom was near a Whole Foods and brought home a deluxe dinner of grains, seeds and vegetables, which we sprinkled with tasty dried mealworms.

The very next day I was lucky enough to find a farm animal sanctuary that was happy to give Henrietta a forever home. Catskill Animal Sanctuary called to let me know they would be delighted to have her. Catskill Animal Sanctuary is wonderful organization located in Saugerties, NY that provides a forever home for over farm animals who were rescued from the horrifying situations. At CAS, farm animals who were rescued from terrible abuse and neglect are given a beautiful home in a lush upstate farm, and they spend their days with new animal friends and with humans who adore them and treat them with the same respect and love as is considered normal for cats and dogs.

And all of it funny. These books would be terrific read-alouds, and are best for older readers nine or ten and up. As one of five children, Emma wants to prove herself a responsible kid so she can join the traveling soccer team. Still, problems crop up, such as when she forgets to return her pet ferret to his cage and the family dog goes on the chase. Problems, problems. A great read for this age group. The author raised five children herself. Top Secret by John Reynolds Gardiner.

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Terrific writer here, with a super read for this age group, or any age, actually! Allen Brewster, 9 years old, has a dynamite idea for his school science project: human photosynthesis. He needs a great project for his demanding teacher, mean Miss Green, who wants to be named Science Teacher of the Year. How wonderful to know about this book with summer on its way. Even if a child is not interested in magic, he might enjoy growing something in his own garden.

Many of the projects occupy many days or weeks. Ship by David Macaulay.

Rodentry – Across the Page

Macaulay shows how various ships are constructed, what crews they need, etc. Readers see the inner details of ships and learn the purpose of various parts of the construction. Other titles by Macaulay are well worth investigating, checking out from the library, or giving as special gifts. In this story, Ronnie and his aunt are taking care of a lighthouse over the December holidays.

Ronnie loves the sound of the surf, and life on Tern Rock, but when the lightkeeper fails to return so he and his aunt can go home, everyone worries.

A beautifully written, timeless story. Stand by your book, I always say. This time I set my story at a pet boarding facility out in the country, where Grampa Adam Bender—a semi-retired veterinarian—lives with Gabby, an old mynah bird; Ernest, a three year-old mini-pig; and Milly, a young pussycat. In comes a tiny stranger, who unwittingly causes no end of trouble.

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Animal lovers are bound to lap it up. The completed book surpassed my wildest hopes, thanks to the editors at Candlewick Press. The text is only one sentence or two at a time, accompanied by color photographs, many of them action shots of polar bears jumping, fighting, and swimming. Clever Ali by Nancy Farmer. This fantasy is based on a true story about a 12th century Egyptian ruler. In this tale, seven year-old Ali helps his father, who cares for the pigeons that belong to the cruel Sultan of Cairo.

Ali can only save his father by giving the Sultan cherries within three days. Two brave figures star in this short story of slaves escaping to freedom. Granny Judith quilts part of the story, but the grandson she raised, Christmas John—born on Christmas day—rows the escapees away from slavery. On these pages, the art and the words blend perfectly, which is why it comes so highly recommended. Once, the bakeshop was owned by Cora Lee Merriweather, a terrific baker, who is now a ghost, haunting her own shop.

S2 Ep. 41 – 50

Along comes another terrific baker, a young woman who devises the recipe that wins over the ghost. Adventures of Marco Polo by Russell Freedman. Newbery-winning Freedman has done it again! Polo leaves home to find China and the Kublai Khan, a year journey covering 6, miles.

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But did he really get to the court of Khan? This book appeals to the better readers in this age group and to all older readers…again, like me. Pirates by John Matthews Yes! Pirates galore. Their clothes. Their food.

How they behave on board. An actual advertisement recruiting pirates. Biographies of the well-known pirates. Any reader of any age can simply wallow in pirate lore. Learn pirate slang. Learn about weapons via a special pull-out section.

This is an interactive book with little bits of paper and notes here and there. What fun! And the cover is as good as it gets. Go Figure! How I could have used this book many decades ago!! If you suspect your child is becoming a math-hater, head that trend off at the pass! Several recent books show how much fun can be had with arithmetic and logic.

When an author is as excited about his subject as Ball is, good things happen for learners. This title offers puzzles, different activities involving numbers, and even magic tricks to make math sparkle. And when her plans work, lo and behold, Sarah has found out how to be special: helping a friend. This book is many things: enjoyable and readable and addictive: the reader will want another Naylor book! He went deaf later.