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President Trump tweeted out one of them. As millions go back to school, students across the nation and their parents hope to acquire the knowledge and skills they need for a successful life. Many teachers enter the profession with a mission to inspire young people toward excellence and personal growth. But for thousands of school administrators and other non-teaching personnel who draw big salaries in our public schools, the new academic year has a different meaning. In the education establishment, known as the Blob, the new school year is a time to indoctrinate young people with notions of diversity, oppression, social justice, and the canons of political correctness.

Nowhere was this better illustrated that a firestorm that blazed in California just before school started last week. A new statewide curriculum for Ethnic Studies was posted for public comment, and the deafening uproar from parents and even politicians was enough to cause a postponement of its implementation. California has continued to lurch leftward politically while most of the country has been growing increasingly conservative.

Trump won the presidency by a majority of the popular vote in the 49 states other than California, while Hillary won by millions of votes there. In , California passed a law requiring the development of an ethnic studies curriculum, as though that were a legitimate academic subject. Governor Jerry Brown, who is no conservative, actually vetoed a prior version of the bill mandating new ethnic studies standards. His objection was that the bill would have made the curriculum a requirement for graduating from high school in California. Governor Brown then signed a modified version of the bill, and his successor, Gavin Newsom, is more liberal than even Brown was.


The objections now are not being led by the governor, but primarily by the public. A torrent of opposition to this new curriculum has caused its supporters to delay it. Some look to private schools, homeschooling, and charter schools as a way to escape this new indoctrination. Jewish critics complain that the curriculum condemns some forms of ethnic animosity, but not anti-Semitism. A lead supporter of this new curriculum, Democratic Assemblyman Jose Medina, then delayed by a year a bill making this mandatory.

The bizarre jargon used in the draft curriculum opens a window into how far out of the mainstream advocates of this approach have gone.

Terms unfamiliar to most people have been developed for this, and scrutiny of these terms which you will probably not find in your dictionary is enlightening. It is not the often-imagined hatred of women, or even hatred of blacks, but hatred of black women that is the problem described by this term. A glossary released with the draft curriculum explains its many bizarre terms. So the curriculum deliberately misspells certain words in order to advance its ideology of contorted logic. The curriculum is not kinder to parents than it is to history. Rather than try to engage parents in education, parents are disparaged by California curriculum as part of the problem.

A generation ago, what started in California then spread to the rest of the country, such as no-fault divorce, hippies, the drug culture, and Hollywood values. But perhaps a humorous slogan from nearby Las Vegas should apply to the Left Coast: what happens in California should stay in California. President Trump is the first to stand up to Communist China in almost 50 years. Beginning with President Nixon, who was then under the spell of Henry Kissinger, presidents of both parties have appeased China.

This is the same tyrannical China against which millions of people in Hong Kong are protesting now. Starting with George H. Millions of American manufacturing jobs were lost, and China used its growing trade surplus to build a massive arsenal against which we must defend. Despite our massive patronage of Chinese companies, in the communist Chinese government cut back on the small amount of American goods allowed to be sold there.

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No one, that is, until Donald J. Trump became president. Presidents George W. But American workers have continued to lose ground in the global economy, and China is a big reason why wages have not improved in decades. The average American family is worse off as a result, due to the loss of better-paying middle class jobs. China joined the World Trade Organization WTO in , over the opposition of Phyllis Schlafly and others who defended American sovereignty against that international tribunal.

The Trump Administration has prohibited federal agencies from doing business with Huawei, which Trump recognizes to be a national security threat to the United States. This Chinese company has so infiltrated the American economy that an additional 90 days had to be allowed to wind down business arrangements with Huawei. But Apple employs relatively few American employees compared with other large corporations, so it is difficult to see why Apple should be dictating our trade policy.

These are not American jobs that are at stake, but Asian ones. Indeed, Silicon Valley where Apple is headquartered has enriched a few billionaires but largely failed to hold onto American technology secrets. Now China can manufacture smartphones using technology stolen from the West, probably using some engineers who returned to Asia after working in Silicon Valley on H-1B visas.

To make America great again requires, at a minimum, ending how China takes advantage of our massive consumer market while stealing our secrets. He cooperated with authorities during his interrogation afterward, and officials should release to the public his answers to many important questions.

For starters, the accused shooter, Patrick Crusius, is a registered Democrat who was critical of Republicans. The British press is often the best source of information when these tragedies occur, because the American media try to spin and suppress the news to fit their political narrative. The shooting was not domestic terrorism, but was the product of a loner who grew up on video games rather than healthy relationships.

His crime might be described as one of nihilism, which is an ideology of despair that has motivated rootless young men toward violent crimes throughout human history.

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He had no girlfriends and participated in no extracurricular activities in high school, recalled one classmate who knew him there. He apparently did not have any genetic psychiatric disorder, as his twin sister was considered to be well-adjusted. Nearly four times as many young men are avid video game players compared with young women, according to a Pew Research Center study. The average gamer spends more than 7 hours each week playing video games, and many boys spend more than 40 per week consumed by the impersonal games which impede their social development.

Crusius became unemployed and it is not yet known how he passed his time each day. On the same weekend as the El Paso and Dayton shootings, 55 people were shot in Chicago, of whom 7 died. The grim total included two mass shootings: one in which 8 people were shot by the same gunman, and another in which 7 were shot by the same gunman. Liberals do not want to talk about the massacre in Dayton because it was by a supporter of Elizabeth Warren. Connor Betts, who was killed by police near the outset of his rampage, had posted that he did not think socialism was being adopted quickly enough.

He killed 9 people and injured 27 in a mere 30 seconds, which suggests that he got his training on violent video games, too. It is unfathomable that someone could inflict such rapid, deadly harm so quickly without practicing to kill.

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Liberals predictably call for gun control after every mass shooting, but they are silent about how these young killers became desensitized to murdering people. It is dangerous to addict unemployed young men on games similar to what the Army uses to desensitize soldiers to killing. Studies show that playing violent video games increases aggressive behavior. This is found to be true across ages and cultures, which is hardly surprising. Since then one Justice in the majority Kagan has expressed regret for her decision, and two others have been replaced.

Just 10 days before the weekend shootings, a U. It is time for a similar spotlight to be cast on the dangerous video game industry. There should be no softball, open-ended questions by Democrats designed to invite baseless speculation by Mueller against President Trump. Mueller reportedly requested that the Department of Justice send him a cautionary letter of instructions to limit the scope of testimony.

The letter emphasized the longstanding policy of the Justice Department not to discuss behavior by persons who have not been charged with a crime. That means Mueller should not be discussing President Donald Trump, who has not been charged with any crime. Mueller would be violating the Justice Department policy if he disparages President Trump. This does not mean that Mueller cannot answer any questions. There are multiple mysteries about his fruitless boondoggle which Mueller should address, and about which congressmen should thoroughly interrogate him.

The first question Mueller should answer is how much taxpayer money he wasted on his multiyear investigation into non-existent crimes. Then he should be required to estimate how much collateral damage he imposed on others in the course of his rampage. Flynn was the victim of an unusual sting operation whereby the since-discredited Peter Strzok oversaw the interrogation of Flynn about the contents of a phone call about which Strzok had access to a secret recording of what was said. Next, Mueller should be asked about a report that his liberal deputy, the overzealous Andrew Weissmann, attempted to cut a deal with a notorious Ukrainian oligarch, Dmytro Firtash, if the Ukrainian would provide some dirt about Trump.

If Mueller pretends not to know the details about that, then there should be vigorous follow-up questioning because surely he knew what his deputy was doing. Mueller should also be asked about reports that his immediate supervisor, Rod Rosenstein, considered an attempt to remove Trump from power based on the 25th Amendment.

That amendment, which provides for a scenario in which the president loses his mental capacity, obviously has no relevance to the current administration. Then questions should be asked about why Mueller, with much fanfare, indicted foreigners outside of the jurisdiction of the United States. Why did Mueller waste time and money making accusations against defendants who would never receive due process to exonerate themselves here?

Democrats have falsely called this statement misleading even though it is exactly correct. Why did Mueller allow the media to push for weeks the false narrative that he was preparing a collusion or obstruction case against Trump?

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Next there is the unexplained delay in Mueller waiting until after the midterm elections to exonerate Trump. Mueller should be asked why he did not wrap up his investigation in an expeditious manner. Mueller has accused Russians of manipulating the presidential election, but why did Mueller himself manipulate the midterm elections by allowing false media reports about Trump to persist?

Mueller stated publicly that the Russians who were indicted should be considered innocent until proven guilty, and there will be no trial to establish any guilt. In Dragnet, one of the most popular law enforcement television dramas ever, Sergeant Joe Friday was solving violent crimes that happened, rather than searching for non-existent crimes. If it was so important to stick to the facts in Hollywood, it is even more important to stick to the facts when Democrats want to smear our president over fictitious crimes.

Spectacular flying performances, including the Blue Angels, will adorn the skies. Yet a strange phobia by liberals against including tanks in the festivities erupts again. Why the shrieking protest against tanks in particular, while ceremonial use of military aircraft seems just fine to the Left? President Trump has long wanted to have a military parade in D.


This time the phony argument against including tanks is that they might somehow cause harm to our infrastructure, a fancy word for roads.