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From what we give, we make a life. The following are top books that you can check out as you venture into sharpening your skills through acquisition of knowledge. This book by Richard Blum serves as a basic and very essential Linux resource that will guide you with plenty of examples. Linux Command Line and Shell Scripting Bible goes right away into the fundamentals of the command line, introduces you to bash scripting which will be very important in your day to day Linux administration and goes an extra mile by providing detailed examples.

The third edition being the latest release, it has new updated content and examples aligned with the latest Linux features. What is attractive about this resource is how the author has gone out of the way to provide sound tutorials that you can easily follow through and actually understand. The examples are apt and relevant. With patience and hard work, this can serve your curious appetite with bliss.

Check it out on Amazon:. Richard Petersen, a Linux Expert has once again relaeased this book that gives the reader an in-depth coverage of all Linux features. As a beginner, you will have the advantage of having a throrough coverage of all aspects of Linux distributions rangng from shells, desktops, deployment of servers, management of applications, understanding security and a good grounding of basic network administration. Linux: The Complete Reference is the ultimate guide where you will have the chance to learn how to:.

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It can be daunting and confusing when you have installed a Linux distribution for the first time and you wonder where to go from there. With a through and simple guide such as this one that takes you all the way from the history of Linux to the very basic navigation of Linux distributions. This guide by Machtelt Garrels has been crafted for the total beginner.

With the many scattered resources across the web, this resource takes the responsibility of giving a comprehensive overview of the Linux Operating System.

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There are many exercises at the end of each chapter to keep you challenged and motivated. It also serves as an easy to use reference for the advanced users.

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This is an excellent foundation builder as you proceed to deeper concepts of Linux and Network administration. Beginning anything in life is always marred with myriad of hurdles and unprecedented impediments. When it comes to learning a new skill, the same applies especially when it comes to system administration and Learning Linux from scratch. Successfully reported this slideshow. We use your LinkedIn profile and activity data to personalize ads and to show you more relevant ads. You can change your ad preferences anytime.

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Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Linux shell scripting tutorial 1. PDF generated using the open source mwlib toolkit. Display the value of shell variables 42 Quoting 46 The export statement 49 Unset shell and environment variables 50 Getting User Input Via Keyboard 50 Perform arithmetic operations 54 Create an integer variable 56 Create the constants variable 57 Bash variable existence check 58 Customize the bash shell environments 59 Recalling command history 63 Path name expansion 65 Create and use aliases 67 The tilde expansion 69 Startup scripts 70 Using aliases 72 Changing bash prompt 73 Setting shell options 77 Setting system wide shell options 82 Chapter 3 Challenges 83 Chapter 4: Conditionals Execution Decision Making 84 Bash structured language constructs 84 Test command 86 If structures to execute code based on a condition 87 If..

Closes the file descriptor fd Opening the file descriptors for reading and writing Reads from the file descriptor fd Executes commands and send output to the file descriptor fd Chapter 6 Challenges Chapter 7: Pipes and Filters Linking Commands Multiple commands Putting jobs in background Pipes How to use pipes to connect programs Input redirection in pipes Output redirection in pipes Why use pipes Filters Chapter 7 Challenges Chapter 8: Traps Signals What is a Process?

Some rights reserved. Audience This book is for students and Linux System Administrators. It provides the skills to read, write, and debug Linux shell scripts using bash shell. The book begins by describing Linux and simple scripts to automate frequently executed commands and continues by describing conditional logic, user interaction, loops, menus, traps, and functions.

Finally, book covers various sys admin related scripts such as making a backup, using cron jobs, writing interactive tools, web based tools, remote login, ftp and database backup related scripts.

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This book is intended for Linux system administrators or students who have mastered the basics of a Linux Operating System. Hyperlink to the original article on the source site e. Show the author name e. Hyperlink each contributors name back to their profile page on the source wiki e. If any misrepresentations, errors or other need of clarification is found, please contact the us immediately [4].

Please read our disclaimer [3] and privacy policy [5]. UNIX admin. Vivek is specialized in the design of high performance computing HPC using Linux, security and optimization for the internet and intranet usage. Whatever you see here, is based upon my own hard-earned experience.

I have taught myself both through trial and error. Shoot me an email at vivek nixcraft. Alternatively, you can tell me about it by sending me an e-mail. Linus Torvalds originally created Linux with the assistance of developers from around the world. The kernel decides who will use a resource, for how long and when.

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You can download the Linux kernel from the official web site. However, the Linux kernel itself is useless unless you get all the applications such as text editors, email clients, browsers, office applications, etc.

Therefore, someone came up with idea of a Linux distribution. Corporate and small businesses users need support while running Linux, so companies such as Red Hat or Novell provide Linux tech-support and sell it as product. Nevertheless, community driven Linux distributions do exist such as Debian, Gentoo and they are entirely free. However, Minix had its limitations and Linus felt he could create something better.