Hitler: Beyond Evil and Tyranny

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Another part of the Hitler legacy uncovered by Stolfi relates to the German-French relationship. In the spring of Hitler offered the French a year nonaggression pact which included the French being assured of the boundaries of Alsace-Lorraine , and as compensation, Germany would be allowed to expand to the east to reduce its population density.

Clearly his initial politico-military successes may have tainted his receptivity to the counsel of the professional military class.

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Nonetheless, the unparalleled success of his bold reoccupation of the Rhineland, Anchluss with Austria, incorporation of the Sudetenland, the Non-Aggression Pact with the Soviet Union, and the blitz campaigns against Poland, Norway, and France all led to a euphoria and subsequently transitioned to hubris. To view this in a summer of context—after the initial, enormously successful invasion of the Soviet Union—it was impossible for the professional German military to convince Hitler of the critical inadvisability of diverting the thrust of the invasion of the USSR away from Moscow toward the economically advantageous Ukraine.

Stolfi Hitler Beyond Evil And Tyranny

How could the generals argue with Hitler after his proven track record of success over the previous seven years? From this point onward the war was lost.

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Hitler: Beyond Evil and Tyranny Book

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Defying Hitler A Memoir. Standing Up to Hitler In place of the hollow shell whom others have made into an icon of evil, Stolfi sees a complex, nuanced personality. He tells the story of Hitler, starting with the dreamy youth who showed talent for architectural design but who struggled academically and floundered without direction. The authoe ranks Hitler's successes from through as achievements so astonishing that he must be characterized, along with Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, and Napoleon, as one of Hegel's impossibly rare world historical personalities.

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