Globalisation and Employment in South Asia: The South Asian Experience

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Practices and technologies in steel production. Sometimes, these China has also now surpassed the World exceed the flow of official development assis- Bank in lending to developing counties. Grants and Mexico Kee, Yoshimatsu and Osaki, loans made by states can often have economic In other words, the region is both the and political strings attached as the Japanese source and recipient of the influences of the experience has shown Islam, South Asia and, in particular, India is often Another broad trend in the Asia Pacific mentioned in the same breath as China for its and South Asia is the rise of regional free scale and impact on globalization.

While the trade arrangements.

Services on Demand

This regionalism can be political and economic systems vary consid- interpreted either as a kind of bulwark to erably from China, India too has opened up globalization discussed in the next section and emphasized an export-oriented strategy. It is also domestic audiences to the benefits of free playing a key role in global service provision trade, and form the institutional framework as trends in outsourcing and off-shoring to scale up from regional cooperation to increase Dossani and Kenney, In India and China, among others in the other words, regionalism can act as a spring- region, have also become a major source of board for globalization.

But much more prominent is resolve the tension between the rise of the flow of domestic workers to other places regional trade agreements and the push for in the region, or to the Middle East, Europe, global trade as embodied by the WTO and the United States. Much of this migration Bergsten, Women consti- terms of economic flows Sutton, Globalization has not been a one-way A final area to consider is the broad area of street.

While there is little doubt that the Asia culture and globalization in the region. The Pacific and South Asia have very much been earlier section put forth a perspective that on the receiving end of globalization, it is argues Western culture has come to dominate also true that the region is generative of forms of music, entertainment, and culture many aspects of the globalization process. It can be A third and final paradigm to understanding seen on a range of products from pencils and the relationship of Asia Pacific and South erasers to designer handbags and diamond- Asia to globalization is as a regional alterna- encrusted watches and generates a billion tive to globalization.

The arguments from dollars in revenue annually. Anime and this perspective see the region as a source of other entertainment products from Japan has resistance to globalization or to global or become a regional and global phenomenon Western powers. This section views initia- including Pokemon, Mario Brothers, tives for regionalism through this lens in part Astroboy, and Power Rangers among others. Japan holds no monopoly in this domain One place to begin is with Japanese of cultural globalization.

In terms of cinema colonialism in the s and s. This against Western imperialism. However, with the outbreak Langlois, Asia operates on the basis of harmony Republic of the Philippines, Empire of and consensus rather than majority rule. To While the geography of the Sphere delim- that end, the leaders of these states justified ited to Asian states, it was also constructed their authoritarian regimes based on Asian and argued directly in opposition to the West.

It soon became clear that gence of political reform in several countries the Sphere was for Japanese interests only in the region, the discourse of Asian values often at the expense of the interests of the seemed to lose it political potency fellow members. Despite its failure and the Thompson, Earlier, it was noted ern imperialism manifests itself in different that some regional institutions did little to ways still today.

However, there are other insti- among leaders in the region in the mid-to late tutions proposed or implemented at the s. Floated as early as from Western liberal democracies. The United States strongly objected state in Indonesia followed by a pan-Islamic and at the time, Japan saw the exclusion of caliphate incorporating Malaysia, Singapore, the United States as a threat to their strategic Brunei and the southern Philippines.

Certainly, partnership and effectively vetoed the idea. And ultimately, the vision of the cali- successor to the EAEC but because it is phate is to expand from a regional to a global embedded in a slew of other institutional structure.


The point here is that JI articulated arrangements, is not seen as the radical alter- an alternative vision of political and social native of the earlier vision Terada, Fund AMF. Thailand, and the Philippines Lipscy, The village of Santi Suk in Thailand, for Notably absent from the proposed member- example, created their own currency following ship was the United States.

Furthermore, the the Asian financial crisis that struck the region initial draft proposal suggested that the AMF in Thailand Hookway, The currency is would act autonomously from the IMF. The currency can be used to tial members, the United States immediately purchase various commodities but cannot be sought to strike down the proposal. Homemade currencies are not neo-liberal approach to financial governance exclusive to Asia but they did take on a new Lipscy, Another, more subversive articulation of Community currency is an example of a regionalism posed as an alternative to the larger trend in self-sufficiency movements that West is the emergence of regional terror net- emerged in Thailand after the Asian financial works, such as Jemaah Islamiyah or JI.

The crisis.

Nutrition transition in South Asia: the emergence of non-communicable chronic diseases

JI is infamous philosophy of being an alternative to being for the Bali bombings which took place part of a globalized system. In Japan, for in a night club in the resort town of Kuta and example, Community Supported Agriculture killed more than people, mostly CSA and the Seikatsu Club both encourage Australian and other foreign nationals ICG, consumers to buy ethically and locally Starr b. While this may be which advocates local village level education true, the benefit of this framework has been and development and campaigns against the to disaggregate and illustrate the different Coca Cola bottling plant in Mehdiganj.

For the most part, these variety of ways in which to think about glo- alternative paradigms are consciously articu- balization in the region. It has seen globaliza- lated alternatives to external forces. And within that vari- imperialism, and religious movements ety, it has tried to offer a frame through emerge from the perceived threat of secular- which to interpret that process. While incom- ism. Not all of these visions are coherent and plete and contradictory, this is also the few have been successful in the long term.

Accessed December 11, London: other areas of the world. It began by loosely Verso Press. The essay has proposed a view the Anti-Colonial Imagination.

London: Verso. Durham: Duke University Press Books. Accessed December 20, In this way, processes can be recur- Culture. International Communication Gazette 59 1 : sive and include both the role of subject and 43— New York: in the late twentieth century. Rothbaum JJ distin- Ballantine Books.

Coping with globalization: Asian versus Latin American strategies of development,

Economic, and Social Change since Institute for Food and Development Policy. Asia Report 43, 11 December. Bangkok, New York: University Press. Zed Books. Distributed exclusively in bombings. Indonesia Briefing 24 October. Jakarta, Brussels: International Crisis Group.

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Bergsten, C. Aid ; The Politics of Burden-Sharing. Quarterly 19 3 : — Baltimore: Growth of Industrial Policy, — Stanford, Johns Hopkins University Press. CA: Stanford University Press. Bestselling Series. Harry Potter. Popular Features. New Releases. Description There are numerous labour and employment issues facing South Asia in this era of growth. With critical examination of ongoing labour reforms, and using extensive field surveys, this book will be of interest to all seeking an analysis of labour economics, labour laws, economic growth and globalization in South Asia.

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