Expected And Unexpected Cost Of Trading In The Xetra

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Used together with the to parameter to define a date range. Filters return data to the specified comma delimited list of keys case-sensitive format Optional The standard format parameter. Returns data as JSON by default. See the data format section for supported types. Response Attributes Time series call returns an array of objects. Name Type Description id string The dataset ID source string source of the data if available key string The requested dataset key subkey string The requested dataset subkey date number The date field of the time series as epoch timestamp Time series inventory call returns: Name Type Description id string Dataset ID description string Description of the dataset key string Dataset key subkey string Dataset subkey schema object Data weight to call the individual data point in number of messages.

Levered beta calculated with 1 year historical data and compared to SPY.

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Balance Sheet Pulls balance sheet data. Available quarterly or annually with the default being the last available quarter. Financial information is limited for some financial firms. Allows you to specify annual or quarterly balance sheet. Defaults to quarterly.

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Specify the number of quarters or years to return. One quarter is returned by default.

You can specify up to 12 quarters with quarter , or up to 4 years with annual. Investopedia inventory number Represents tangible items or merchandise net of advances and obsolescence acquired for either resale directly or included in the production of finished goods manufactured for sale in the normal course of operation. Excludes tools that are listed in current assets, supplies and prepaid expenses for companies that lump these items together, advances from customers, and contract billings.

For non-U. Investopedia currentAssets number Represents cash and other assets that are reasonably expected to be realized in cash, sold or consumed within one year or one operating cycle.

Generally, the sum of cash and equivalents, receivables, inventories, prepaid expenses, and other current assets. Investopedia longTermInvestments number Represents total investments and advances for the period. Calculated as long term investment minus affiliate companies and other long term investments. Investopedia propertyPlantEquipment number Represents gross property, plant, and equipment less accumulated reserves for depreciation, depletion, and ammortization. Investopedia goodwill number Represents the excess cost over the fair market value of the net assets purchased.

Is excluded from other intangible assets.

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Investopedia intangibleAssets number Represents other assets not having a physical existence. The value of these assets lie in their expected future return. This excludes goodwill. Investopedia otherAssets number Returns other assets for the period calculated as other assets including intangibles minus intangible other assets. Investopedia currentLongTermDebt number Represents the amount of long term debt due within the next twelve months.

Investopedia otherCurrentLiabilities number Represents other current liabilities and calculated as the sum of misc current liabilities, dividends payable, and accrued payroll. Excludes current portion of long-term debt, pensions, deferred taxes, and minority interest. Investopedia otherLiabilities number Returns other liabilities for the period calculated as the sum of other liabilities excluding deferred revenue, deferred income, and deferred tax liability in untaxed reserves.

Excludes minority interest preferred stock equity, preferred stock equity, common stock equity, and non-equity reserves. It includes the value of all multiple shares. Along with capital surplus it is the equity capital received from parties outside the company. Excess involuntary liquidation value of preferred stock over stated value when common stock value and capital surplus are reported combined.


Investopedia retainedEarnings number Represents the accumulated after tax earnings of the company which have not been distributed as dividends to shareholders or allocated to a reserve amount. Excess involuntary liquidation value over stated value of preferred stock is deducted if there is an insufficient amount in the capital surplus account.

Investopedia treasuryStock number Represents the acquisition cost of shares held by the company. This stock is not entitled to dividends, has no voting rights, and does not share in the profits in the event of liquidation.

API Reference

Investopedia capitalSurplus number Represents the amount received in excess of par value from the sale of common stock. Along with common stock it is the equity capital received from parties outside the company. The names should match the individual endpoint names. Limited to 10 endpoints. This parameter is used only if market option is used. For example, last can be used for the news endpoint to specify the number of articles Response Attributes Responses will vary based on types requested. Cash Flow Pulls cash flow data. Available quarterly or annually, with the default being the last available quarter.

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Allows you to specify annual or quarterly cash flow. Depletion refers to cost allocation for natural resources such as oil and mineral deposits. This item includes dry-hole expense, abandonments and oil and gas property valuation provision for extractive companies. This item excludes amortization of discounts or premiums on financial instruments owned or outstanding and depreciation on discontinued operations.

This item is available only when the Statement of Changes in Financial Position is based on cash and short term investments. Excludes dividends paid to minority shareholders. Collections Returns an array of quote objects for a given collection type. Supported lists can be found under the list section. Supported sectors can be found in the sector ref data.

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Supported tags can be found in the tag ref data. The Americas segment includes North and South America. Wozniak on April 1, and is headquartered in Cupertino, CA. Delayed Quote This returns the 15 minute delayed market quote.

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Earnings are available quarterly last 4 quarters. Default is 1. Returns raw value of field specified. Useful for Excel Webservice calls. EPS data is split-adjusted by default. Earnings data accounts for all corporate actions including dilutions, splits, reverse splits, spin-offs, exceptional dividends, and rights issues. Earnings Today Returns earnings that will be reported today as two arrays: before the open bto and after market close amc. Each array contains an object with all keys from earnings , a quote object, and a headline key.

Allows you to specify annual or quarterly financials. Values should be annual or quarterly Response Attributes Key Type Description reportDate string The last day of the relevant fiscal period. Returns financials reported directly in K and Q filings. Historical Prices Returns adjusted and unadjusted historical data for up to 15 years. Useful for building charts.

Adjusted close only 2 per symbol per time interval returned Excluding 1d use chartCloseOnly param NOTE: For minute-bar historical prices when a specific date is used in the range parameter, the weight is 50 messages Example: If you query for AAPL minute-bar for , it will return minutes of data at a cost of 50 messages.

Otherwise, IEX-only data by minute for a specified date if available. Currently supporting trailing 30 calendar days of minute bar data. Intraday per minute data is only returned during market hours. Will return adjusted data only with keys date , close , and volume. If true, runs a polyline simplification using the Douglas-Peucker algorithm.

This is useful if plotting sparkline charts. If true, changeOverTime and marketChangeOverTime will be relative to previous day close instead of the first value. Same format as the path parameter. This can be used for batch calls. This can be used for batch calls when range is 1d or date. Split adjusted only. Useful for comparing multiple stocks. Income Statement Pulls income statement data.

Allows you to specify annual or quarterly income statement. Investopedia costOfRevenue number Represents the cost of goods sold for the period including depletion and amortization. Investopedia grossProfit number Represents the difference between sales or revenues and cost of goods sold and depreciation. Investopedia researchAndDevelopment number Represents all direct and indirect costs related to the creation and development of new processes, techniques, applications and products with commercial possibilities.