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Which factors define habitability?

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How can we detect extrasolar habitable planets and satellites? Planetary Environments and Habitability How did physical, chemical, geological and biological processes co-evolve on Earth? How did habitability evolve on early Earth? Which conclusions can we draw for other planets from studies of the Earth?

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Which boundary conditions exist for life and what can they tell us about early terrestrial and the possibility of extraterrestrial life? The pathway to complexity: From simple molecules to first life Where and how did the complex organic molecules necessary for life originate space, atmosphere, surface and how were they delivered? How does the environment affect the production and stability of complex organic molecules?

How did the formation of biopolymers and self-assembly of first cells proceed? This encyclopedia is based on astrobiology articles imported from Wikipedia. You are welcome to join in and help edit it.

We welcome those knowledgeable in astrobiology especially, and your expertise and knowledge will be respected here. The aim here is to have a small friendly wiki, where we work together, and know each other.

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Do introduce yourself, here New editors. For the background to why we set up new encyclopedias, instead of working on the pages in Wikipedia itself, see background to this encyclopedia.

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The interdisciplinary field of Astrobiology constitutes a joint arena where provocative discoveries are coalescing concerning, e. Biologists, astrophysicists, biochemists, geoscientists and space scientists share this exciting mission of revealing the origin and commonality of life in the Universe.

Encyclopedia of Astrobiology

The members of the different disciplines are used to their own terminology and technical language. In the interdisciplinary environment many terms either have redundant meanings or are completely unfamiliar to members of other disciplines.

The Encyclopedia of Astrobiology serves as the key to a common understanding.