Deformation theory of pseudogroup structures

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Vessiot but the "Vessiot structure equations" are still unknown today. In the meantime, a "formal theory" of systems of PD equations has been pioneered by M.

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Wigner introduced in the concept of "deformation of a Lie algebra" by considering the speed of light as a parameter in the Lorentz composition of speeds. This idea led to the "deformation theory of algebraic structures" and the first applications of computer algebra.

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A few years later, a "deformation theory of geometric structures" has been introduced by D. Spencer and coworkers who used the formal theory of PD equations they had developped for studying "Lie pseudogroups". The existence of a link between these two deformation theories has been conjectured but never found. Ancochea Bermudez On the rigidity of solvable Lie algebras R Rochberg Deformation theory for algebras of analytic functions K Jarosz Perturbations of function algebras.

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Deformations and moduli in geometry and differential equations and algebras. R Hermann Geometric and Lietheoretic principles in pure and applied deformation theory. J Gasqui H Goldschmidt Complexes of differential operators and symmetric spaces. J F Pommaret Deformation theory of geometric and algebraic structures.

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Explicit Deformation Formulae the Poisson Bracket. The Nerve of a Category. Subdivision and the InVariance The Oren. The Galgebra Structure of H g.

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Gerstenhaber S D Schack Algebraic cohomology and deformation theory. Roger Cohomology of current Lie algebras. J Gasqui H Goldschmidt Some rigidity results in the deformation theory of symmetric spaces.

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A Lichnerowicz Applications of the deformations of the algebraic structures to geometry. F Calogero A remarkable matrix