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The convention is the first international law to define trafficking as a violation of human rights, and it guarantees minimum standards of protection to victims. It requires major manufacturing and retail firms to disclose what efforts they are making to eliminate forced labour and human trafficking from their supply chains. Securities and Exchange Commission passes the Conflict Minerals Rule, requiring major publicly held corporations to disclose if their products contain certain metals mined in areas of conflict in eastern Congo or neighbouring countries and if payment for these minerals supports armed conflict.

The index increases that to It requires businesses to disclose what action they have taken to ensure their supply chains are free of slave labour. It also increases the maximum jail sentence for traffickers to life from 14 years, and allows authorities to force traffickers to pay compensation to their victims. It also brings in measures to protect people feared at risk of being enslaved. Thomson Reuters Foundation is a charity registered in England and Wales registration number: Mexico announces it will ban slavery in Texas, overturning an exemption made in Portugal makes it illegal to export slaves from its colonies.

Hanseatic League of the Baltic Region outlaws its participation in the African slave trade.

The Online Reference Guide to African American History

The Kingdom of Tuscany outlaws its participation in the African slave trade. Importation of slaves into Uruguay is banned.


Mexico passes new legislation abolishing slavery. It calls for compensated emancipation. By this date, slavery has been officially abolished in the British colonies. India Hindustan officially abolishes slavery. The Kingdom of Naples abolishes its participation in slavery.

Slavery is abolished in British Honduras Belize.

American Anti-Slavery and Civil Rights Timeline

British Parliament passes Palmerston Act, which authorizes British Naval vessels to inspect and intercept ships suspected of carrying slaves to the Americas. Venezuela abolishes slave trade. Programs of gradual abolition are adopted in Colombia, Ecuador, and Venezuela. June , It refuses to admit women as delegates. Numerous American abolitionists attend and many protest the exclusion of women. Austria signs treaty with Great Britain, Prussia, France and Russia that outlaws its participation in the African slave trade.

Czar Nicholas I of Russia enacts law abolishing slavery. Millions of Russians remain as impoverished serfs. Paraguay begins process of abolishing slavery.

400 years since slavery: a timeline of American history

Indian government passes Act of , abolishing legal status of slavery. Great Britain and the United States enter into agreement to send Naval patrols to the west coast of Africa to prevent shipment of slaves. France abolishes slavery in its colonies. Argentina, Venezuela, and Uruguay complete program of gradual abolition that began earlier.

A Chronology of Slavery, Abolition, and Emancipation in the Sixteenth Century

Peru abolishes slavery under a policy of compensated emancipation. Mexico adopts new Constitution. It guarantees freedom for fugitive slaves arriving in Mexico.

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Many U. April Start of the Civil War in the United States. Czar Alexander II of Russia issues degree freeing serfs.

British History Timeline

Paraguay completes program of gradual emancipation that was started in March 6, Abraham Lincoln sends message to the U. Congress proposing a plan of gradual, compensated emancipation.

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Law is passed by United States Congress providing for compensated emancipation of slaves in the District of Columbia. April 10, United States Congress announces it will cooperate with any state in the gradual emancipation of its slaves. September The Netherlands abolishes slavery in its colonies. United States President Abraham Lincoln signs Emancipation Proclamation and it goes into effect, freeing slaves in states that have seceded and are part of the Confederacy.

January 31, By December 18, it becomes official. American Civil War ends. Four million slaves are freed. In the recently conquered region of Bukhara in Central Asia, the Russian government imposes abolition of slavery. Spain enacts legislation to gradually abolish slavery in its colonies. In the event we determine, at our discretion, that there is an abuse of the Free Shipping Program of any kind, we reserve the right to cancel, suspend, terminate, recover or recall orders, deliveries, payments and accounts deemed in abuse. Chronology of World Slavery combines multiple chronologies, sidebars on specialized topics, primary source documents, and gripping illustrations into a compelling portrayal of slavery from the dawn of civilization to the present.

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