Basic Electromagnetism and its Applications

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Power companies use a step transformer to boost the voltage to kV, that reduces the current and minimizes the loss of power in transmission lines. On the other end, household circuits use step-down transformers to decrease the voltage to the or V in them.

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A straight wire length 0. Suggested videos.

Applications of electromagnetic induction

Magnetic Effect of Electric Current. Introduction to Magnetism. Working of magnetic compass.

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Like: In the brakes of some trains. During braking, the brakes expose the metal wheels to a magnetic field which generates eddy currents in the wheels. The magnetic interaction between the applied field and the eddy currents slows the wheels down.

1-1 Introduction to Electromagnetism

The faster the wheels spin, the stronger is the effect, meaning that as the train slows the braking force is reduces, producing a smooth stopping motion. There are few galvanometers having a fixed core which are of nonmagnetic metallic material. When the coil oscillates, the eddy currents that generate in the core oppose the motion and bring the coil to rest. Induction furnace can be used to prepare alloys, by melting the metals. The eddy currents generated in the metals produce high temperature enough to melt it.

Source: Geocities. Share with friends. In this module, electrodynamics is introduced by examining the different forces and explaining which are related to electric forces. Furthermore, fields are defined and we differentiate between scalar and vector fields.

Electromagnetism | physics |

We cover laws that constitute electrodynamics, specifically Maxwell's equations and the Lorentz force. After explaining how these topics can be illustrated, we also cover how relativity relates to the subject material. Electrodynamics: An Introduction.

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  7. These generators were highly inefficient and hence were never put to use. Nowadays, it is one of the most important means of producing electricity in many places. We are aware of what happens when a conductor is electrically charged. A magnetic field takes birth. You will observe that when a conductor is placed or moved through the magnetic field, a voltage is being generated: electricity.

    This phenomenon of electricity production is called Electromagnetic Induction.

    What is Electromagnetism?

    AC generators work on the same principle of Electromagnetic Induction. AC Generator consists of a rectangular coil called as an armature with a number of copper wires wounded around an iron core.

    Gauss's Law and Its Application - Electromagnetic Theory

    It is used to boost the magnetic flux. The basic working of the generator is to convert the motion into electricity. For this to occur, a magnetic field is generated, a wire coil is rotated within it, or a magnetic field is rotated within a stationary coil. A strong permanent magnet is placed and the armature is rotated between the magnets where the magnetic lines are perpendicular to the axis of the armature.

    Since the component of the velocity perpendicular to the magnetic field changes sinusoidally with the rotation, the generated voltage is sinusoidal or AC.

    Solve the riddle. Have you guessed it? If not, the answer is a Maglev Train.