All Night Long: A Nannies Novel

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A childminder works out of their own home, operating as a small business. In America, childminders are often advertised as a Daycare. Depending on the country the childminder or daycare is in, government registration may or may not be required. Within the UK, a childminder must be Ofsted registered, hold a current paediatric first aid qualification, public liability insurance and follow the EYFS. A mother's helper is someone who may live in or out of the household, and assists the woman of the house with general chores as well as caring for the children.

The term au pair usually refers to a young woman or occasionally man , who comes from abroad to live with the host family and learn the local culture and language, while helping care for the children. A governess concentrates on educating children inside their own home, and a Kindergarten or schoolteacher does the same, but in a school environment.

Nannies today are often used in place of Daycare, because they can be more cost effective. Even though there are no legal requirements to be considered a nanny, families may require a background check or a CPR certification.

All Night Long by Jayne Ann Krentz

Families may also look for other special skills in a nanny, such as being bilingual or having early childhood development coursework done. Nannies help play a key role in a child's development by providing care. In the 19th and early 20th centuries, a nanny was usually known as a "nurse", and was typically female. Originally, the hired woman would have been expected to breastfeed the infant, a role known as a " wet nurse". In some households, the nurse was a senior member of the household staff and ran her own domain, a suite of rooms called the nursery.

Some were supported by at least one assistant, known as a nursemaid or nurserymaid. Because of their deep involvement in raising the children of the family, nannies were often remembered with great affection and treated more kindly than the junior servants. Nannies that were slaves still suffered from racism and cruelty.

Nannies may have remained in the employment of the same aristocratic or gentry family for years, looking after successive generations of children.

All Night Long: A Nannies Novel

Nannies were present in the households of the administrators of European colonial empires throughout the world. It was a characteristic feature of colonial society that the children of European administrative officers were entrusted to the care of native women, or slaves. Nannies in colonial times spent their lives in the homes of their masters, often from childhood till old age, taking care of more than one generation depending on the duration of the post.

It was not uncommon for these nannies to be brought along with the family away from their native country when administrative officers were posted "home" or to another colony.

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A "live-in" nanny is much less common than it once was. Being a live-in nanny may be ideal for a woman or man looking to move interstate or abroad for either a short period of time or to set themselves up financially. Typically, a live-in nanny is responsible for the entire care of the children of their employers. The job may include a separate apartment sometimes called a "nanny flat" or room, and possibly a car. While a live-in nanny was commonly available 24 hours a day in the past, this is much less common now and often these nannies work hours on and the remainder of the day off.

Essentially, these nannies are working while the children are awake and the parents are at work.

A live-in nanny is nowadays more common among wealthier families, because live-in nannies often have all their living expenses paid and provided by the employer. Some families use what is known as a 'nanny share', where two or more families pay for the same nanny to care for the children in each family on a part-time basis. A more recent addition to the role of a nanny is that of a night nanny. The night nanny usually works with a family anywhere from one night to seven nights, per week.

A night nanny generally works with children from newborn to five years of age. A night nanny can provide a teaching role, helping parents to establish good sleeping patterns or troubleshooting the sleeping patterns of a child. Roles and qualifications vary between countries. Akwaeke Emezi.

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The Killer-Nanny Novel That Conquered France

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Lydia has spent eight years stuck in the Amazon with her do-gooding parents. When her aunt offers her a lifeline—babysitting in posh Bel Air—Lydia hops the next plane to civilization. Now she just has to find a cute pool boy to make up for all that lost time. Wilder boys. Grab your sunglasses and welcome to The Nannies, a crazy world of Hollyweird backstabbing and skyscraping palm trees, spoiled tots and private swim lessons.

All Night Long (All Night)

But how hard can a nanny job be? After all, eight to four is kid time. After that? I Still Love You. Book 2.

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She and Peter were just pretending. Now Lara Jean is more confused than ever. Can a girl be in love with two boys at once? Tainted Love: A Nannies Novel.